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NEO Kids gets $25,000 Donation from 2017 Firefighters Calendar

NEO Kids was the charity chosen to support with the proceeds from the sales of the 2017 Firefighter Calendar. $25,000 was raised and donated through the SPFFA Benevolent Fund.

This was made possible through the hard work and dedication of the Benevolent Committee Chair Hugh Duncan, Calendar Committee members, and Michael Blinn Photography.

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Find out more about the Fire and Paramedic Services Optimization

Find out what's involved in Fire and Paramedic Services Optimization and why council passed a motion directing staff to review stations, manpower and service levels using third party analysis comparing service levels provided to standards and best practices.

Also, see the dates and locations for the Public Information sessions regarding the Optimization Report.

For more information on terms like Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) see our home page.

Have an informed opinion!

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What is a FUS rating anyway?

Put simply, the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) rating is a comprehensive review of the a city's hazards and the fire department's ability to respond to, and mitigate, emergencies. 95% of all insurance companies use FUS ratings of neighbourhoods to help determine insurance rates.
Check out the FUS presentation to council in 2016.
Some good points of clarification are brought up by council in the Q&A at the end.

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Why do so many fire trucks go to an emergency?

Why do so many fire trucks go to an emergency?

This video from the Greater Sudbury Fire Services webpage outlines the typical duties that need to be accomplished, and the personnel needed to perform them, at a fire scene.

These are based on industry standards such as:
- National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and
- Occupational Health and Safety Act

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Fire and Paramedic Optimization Report update, February 2017

As outlined in the February, 2017 Emergency Services Committee meeting, here is the Optimization Update including the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA), the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) report, and the Establishing and Regulating (E&R) By-law for the Greater Sudbury Fire Service:

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NFPA 1710 - the industry standard for Career Fire Departments

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is made up of international industry, public, and government stakeholders.  The NFPA sets industry standards on many wide-ranging topics.  NFPA 1710 is the industry standard for Career Fire Departments and this video explains the requirements of it.

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Vimy Fire Truck Honours Anniversary of Battle

In order to honour the Battle of Vimy Ridge and those who were involved, one of our engines has been wrapped in a photograph of the scene.

Funds will be raised for by allowing people or businessses to purchase poppies, sign them and affix them to the side of the truck.

Let's cover it in poppies, Sudbury!

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2017 Firefighters Calendar

The Firefighters Calendar is back for 2017.
The goal this year is to raise $25,000 for NEOkids.

Like, Share, and Buy to help out!

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France Gelinas Leads the Charge in a Noble Cause

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Fire Service Credit Union Goes Virtual

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